It’s OFFICIALLY the Month of Love, so Let’s Talk About Our Wedding!

In honor of Valentine’s Day in the next couple of weeks, I was inspired to write a collection of posts, all with details about our wedding in September of 2019. I’ve shared tidbits here and there on my blog and on my social media channels, but I’ve been asked so much about how the planning process was for us, and several people have said that they want ALL the details… so, here I am!

I’ve got plenty of helpful advice, as well as some funny behind-the-scenes planning stories, and day-of-the-wedding stories that even people close to us haven’t heard.

So, join me on this journey down memory lane!

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How it all started

Chris and I met working for Radio Disney Dallas! During my interview with the company, we locked eyes while I received an office tour, and the thoughts that literally crossed my mind were, “Dang. I haven’t even been offered the job yet, and I already think a co-worker is cute!” I was officially hired soon after as a Talent to host and speak at events, and Chris was a DJ. We worked numerous hours together with our promotions team, and our flirtatious friendship morphed into a loving relationship. We were best friends for over a year, and our friends always told us that we were perfect for one another, but we never acted on anything. They would catch him looking at me “a certain way” when I entered a room, and they would “awww” when we’d give each other high fives or hugs. We secretly liked the other, but neither of us wanted to ruin our friendship. Our birthdays are a day a part (he’s 364 days older than me), and in 2014, we celebrated our birthdays together. And that was the year that we realized that we never wanted to celebrate our birthdays any other way. He asked me to be his girlfriend soon after, and a couple of months later, he told me loved me while Maroon 5’s “Sugar” played in the car. I knew from the moment I met him that I wanted to marry him. It just took some time for us to figure out that we both felt the same way.

Our Engagement

I actually wrote a whole blog post on our engagement, including a video of the proposal – Check it out here!

So, what’s up next?

Over the next few days, I’ll be sharing individual posts about ALL things wedding:

Planning 101 & how we did it without one single argument!
Wedding Events – my bridal showers and the rehearsal dinner
ALL of the Details – flowers, cakes, the Save The Dates and invitations, THE dress, etc.
Bridesmaids (& a Bridesman!) – gifts and getting ready
My Bachelorette Party!
What We Learned – what we’re glad we spent money on, and what we would have changed
Honeymoon – what to take and how to plan and pack for a tropical destination honeymoon
Registry – what to/what not to add to your registry

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