Trip to Fredericksburg, Texas

We had been wanting to visit Fredericksburg for as long as we could remember, and we finally found some time to escape for a long weekend. Despite the pandemic, we knew that we’d be just as careful in another city with wearing our masks, keeping our distance from others, and just being smart about touching […]

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Our Wedding Details – Part Two

Welcome to Part Two of “Our Wedding Details!” Enjoy! 🙂 Again, please note that our wedding was in September of 2019, which was just a few months before Covid took over, so we were incredibly BLESSED to be able to have a wedding pre-social distancing and mask days. My heart goes out to all of […]

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Our Wedding Details – Part one

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, I realized there was SO much more that I wanted to cover about our wedding, which will continue into February. Honestly, it’s overwhelming to think about ALL of the details, and where to start, so I’ll just break everything down, from THE dress to the unbelievable dinner! So, I present […]

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