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My name is Chelsey, and I’m a Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas native that loves pineapples, anything with leopard print, flying on airplanes, shopping for hours on end, eating copious amounts of popcorn, dancing in public places, and telling jokes that I find more hilarious than everyone else.

I married my red-headed stud of a best friend (whom I met while we were both working for Radio Disney!) in 2019, and together, we are self-proclaimed wine connoisseurs, we love a good local brewery, and you can find us on shopping excursions (yes, he actually likes to shop), having a game night with friends, or cheering on our favorite MLS team.

Most importantly, as of December 2022, we’re parents to our precious little boy named Cooper, as well as dog parents to the best dog in the world; a spunky Maltipoo named Ellie!

Welcome to my blog – I hope you will join me on my journey through my thirties and beyond.

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I’m happy to FINALLY post about the roadtrip I took with my mom back in May! I finally found the time to sit down, write, and sort through all of the photos, so I hope you enjoy AND learn about the must-sees on your next trip to Nashville! I surprised my Mom with a roadtrip…

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