The night it all felt like a dream

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TL/DR (too long, didn’t read)
Chris’s proposal was absolutely the most amazing night of my life, and he did an AMAZING job at completely surprising me and involving my closest friends and family. There’s a video below if you’d like to avoid reading this altogether 🙂

September is a busy month for Chris and I – Our dating anniversary is on the 7th, my birthday is on the 9th, and his on the 10th. We had been talking about how we wanted to celebrate our anniversary and our birthdays, and we came up with Fredericksburg, TX. What better way to enjoy our weekend than with wine and a little getaway from the “big city?”

Friday, September 7th seemed like a normal workday, and I knew that at the end of the day, Chris and I would be on our way to Fredericksburg for a weekend of wine, sightseeing, and relaxation. Meanwhile, the tropical storm that hit the East Coast had brought a LOT of rain to our area, and our plans were going to have to adapt slightly. But I convinced myself that we would still have a good time despite the forecast, and would enjoy the trip nonetheless. Chris showed up at my apartment shortly after I arrived home from work, and his sweet, chipper self walks in and says “Change of plans. Let’s not go to Fredericksburg. This weather is awful.” My brain immediately goes into panic mode; what did I pack? Did I pack correctly? Are we going on an airplane?” He assures me that it’s a staycation, and that the weather where we are going is the same weather as here – rainy and crummy. BUT he promises that he has multiple surprises for me and that we’ll have a wonderful weekend. Chris is an incredibly thoughtful gift-giver, and he’s so thorough in his planning and surprises, so I completely trusted him. (I didn’t know until after the weekend was over that he never intended on going to Fredericksburg, and that he had planned out an incredible weekend full of surprises.)

We hopped into an Uber (which smelled like a cat) and we were on our way to a mystery destination. We arrived at the Omni Hotel in Downtown Fort Worth, and my heart was jumping for joy. This is one of my favorite hotels, and I was looking forward to whatever the weekend would bring. We checked-in, and got upgraded to a much larger room because I mentioned that it was our birthday weekend (always do this when checking into a hotel – freebies are the best and most hotels enjoy going over and above). Chris told me that we had dinner reservations at 7pm, so we had time to kill, which entailed Chris lounging in the complimentary bathrobe, and me pigging out on some cheese and fruit that they brought up to the room because of the previous mentioning of our birthdays (holla!) With a big dinner ahead of me, it was probably not in the best interest to eat as much as I did… We started to get ready for dinner, and I was only planning on putting on a little bit more makeup and kind of fixing my hair. Now that I know what transpired later on, I’m glad I decided to take the time to get more dressed up. Meanwhile, Chris is getting a little panicky because the clock was quickly approaching 7pm, and I was not being as speedy as I could be. There was a giant mirror in the room, and since we hadn’t gotten dressed up in a while, I wanted to make sure that Chris and I took a photo together. He kept checking his watch and reminding me that we “HAVE to GO!” I still reach for him so we can take a selfie in the mirror. He immediately pulled away from me, and used an excuse about his suit jacket. He was acting weird and I couldn’t figure out why. So, I was able to snap this awkward photo below before we had to go running out the door. Little did I know that a certain box with a certain item was inside… and it was inches from my hand!


Bahahaha poor thing – he was so afraid that I would realize that he had the ring. That, and we were late for dinner…

We got to the first floor of the Omni, and turned to corner to go to my all-time favorite steakhouse, Bob’s Steak and Chop House. I immediately regretted eating all of that free cheese upstairs. Chris smiled at me and said “Here’s surprise #2!” We were taken to a little table in a semi-private room, and despite already being semi-full, I was thoroughly looking forward to the delicious dinner ahead. We ordered our dinner, which consisted of pickles in a saltwater jar, a bottle of Two Vines Riesling, two 9 oz. mouth-watering filet mignon steaks, creamy mashed potatoes, and the famous carrot marinated in a brown sugar deliciousness. Oh, and a LOT of bread (I couldn’t help myself. And I now regret it because of how my dress didn’t fit afterward.) At one point during the dinner, Chris tells me that he found his Ray Ban sunglasses in his suit jacket pocket that he thought he had lost several months ago. Exciting! Then, at one point he gets up to use the restroom. (This part of the story comes into play in a bit.)

Our sweet waiter arrives at our table, and asks us if we would like dessert, while proceeding to wink at Chris. I’m thinking “awesome! Our waiter thinks Chris is cute…we’re getting free dessert!” We proceed to pick a slice of carrot cake, which we knew all-well that we wouldn’t be able to eat. The waiter pours our last bit of wine, and Chris calls for a toast. I turn to look at him, and he has a different look in his eyes. His face has softened, and he appeared to be the most vulnerable he’s ever been in his life. He proceeds to tell me that he had been in love with me since the first time he poked his head over the Radio Disney office cubicle, and that he hadn’t been able to stop thinking about me ever since. He then stands and starts to walk around the table, slightly feeling his jacket pocket. My first thought is “Oh no! He dropped his sunglasses that he JUST found in the toilet!” (Random, I know.) He then says, “You ready for your next surprise?” He motions around the corner, and I’m thinking that the waiter is about to come and sing to me (again, random). Instead of a singing waiter, my Mom, aunt Beverly, Uncle Ralph, and my best friend Ashton appear from around the corner, and I turn to look at Chris. He’s on one knee with a ring box in-hand, and he says “Will you marry me?”

I can’t breathe. The biggest butterflies never-before discovered by man appeared in my stomach. And I’m trying to take in every bit of this moment so I will remember it forever. He’s smiling at me and has never looked so proud. I exclaim “of course I will,” and he pulls the ring from the box and places it on my left hand.

The rest of the evening was filled with surprises, which included some of our closest friends waiting for us at a bar in Fort Worth so we could all celebrate together. The night commenced after lots of laughs, dancing, some drinks, and the biggest smile on mine and Chris’s faces.

It’s official – We’re GETTING MARRIED!!! Let the wedding planning begin!

Enjoy the video!


4 thoughts on “The night it all felt like a dream

  1. That was the sweetest thing! Had to read it through my tears and then I watched the video. Might as well I was already crying. I am so happy for you guys.


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