2019 – The Year of Firsts



So, considering that it’s already nearing the end of January, I figured that I should probably get going on writing a new blog post. Ya know, I admire the heck out of the people that have full-time jobs, husbands, kids, pets, and they STILL find time to blog. Typically, though, that IS their job, though. But I’m working on getting a more regular posting schedule… maybe that’ll happen this year? Who knows, but I’ll sure try! dinner (3)23dc002a-f6a3-445c-9f8c-05bc84da8844The Wedding – First Time to Plan a Wedding
Since my last post, Chris and I are coming right along with our wedding planning (t-minus 200 and something days)! We’ve booked just about everything, minus a few, which we’ll nail down within the next month or so. Our engagement photos are INCREDIBLE, and I love them all so much, I can’t narrow down my favorite! Y’all. It’s getting real. Let the waterworks begin!

Our current struggle: The guest list… I just know too many people, haha. I’m so blessed to remain close to the town in which I grew-up, but lord have mercy… I can’t invite everyone I know… (a Vegas elopement seems better everyday).

ANYHOW, here is a list of everyone (so far) that we’ve chosen to help us create the BEST wedding day ever:

Venue: The Chapel at Ana Villa
Planner: Awestruck Creatives – Ashton Ready (my MOH/bestie/former roommate!)
Photographer: Emily Nicole Photo
Videographer: Cinematic Saviors – David Wilson (my MOH/Wedding Planner’s brother!)
DJ: DFW Parties – DJ Rod Baker III
Photo Booth: The Traveling Photo Booth – Austin Stevens (I’ve known him since pre-k!)
Wedding Dress: Bliss Bridal Salon
Hair: Tangles & Co. – Debbie Davis (she’s been my stylist/like-a-big-sister to me since high school!)
Makeup: Shear Thairapy   (I went to high school with these awesome boss babes!)

Also, here are some of our favorite shots from our engagement photo shoot, taken at the Fort Worth Botanic Garden and Sundance Square in Fort Worth:

ALSO… I said “yes!!!” to the dress! My MLK, three-day weekend started with a bang! My sweet Mama, aunt, and bestie started Saturday morning at Bliss Bridal in Fort Worth. I had an incredible consultant that brought me all sorts of dresses to try-on. She really understood what I was looking for, and took a genuine interest in mine and Chris’s story. Needless to say, I found THE dress and I’m completely obsessed. I had such a wonderful time with three women who are so incredibly special to me. I’m so grateful that they could be there to share in that moment.

50268132_10106926263833847_4426543146666557440_o    50437927_10106926263793927_9025690948671111168_o

Lastly, Chris and I might have lost our minds but we’re currently planning a Bachelor/Bachelorette Party in LAS VEGAS! We’ll all travel together, but stay separated for THE party night. Bring on the Ibuprofen, bloody marys, and cheese fries for the next morning…

Image result for las vegas bachelorette party

dinner (3)


Trip to San Diego – First Trip as a Fiancé!
In October, Chris and I got to spend several days in sunny San Diego. It was an incredible vacation – we enjoyed time with Chris’s family, frolicked in the unbelievable weather, acted like tourists and did some sightseeing, and escaped reality for a bit.

safe jobs save lives!

dinner (3)

One of my favorite seasons – My First Fall Events Since Getting Engaged

I love fall – The colors, the weather, the clothes, the overabundance of pumpkin-flavored items; I just adore that season. This past fall was filled with work events, our annual family reunion, the annual trip to the State Fair of Texas, and so much more. Wedding planning continued and Chris and I enjoyed some much-needed time with our friends and family.



dinner (3)


Christmas 2018 – My First Holiday in Retail
Anyone that’s talked to me recently about my career, they know that I LOVE my job. Working for Simon is like putting all of the good pieces from all of my previous jobs, and that’s what I do everyday. I’m beyond blessed to work in such a fun, creative, and supportive environment, and I continue to learn something new every day. The holidays quickly approached, and all of my co-workers would say “wait until after Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, and New Year to see how you feel about working in a mall.” Well, it was a learning experience, that’s for sure. And honestly, not too bad at all! Let’s just say that my worst day at North East Mall, University Park Village, and Firewheel Town Center was STILL immensely better than a good day at my previous place of work. Woof. (I’m not bitter or anything…) Case in point, I still freaking love what I do. I hope I’m making my younger self proud 🙂


dinner (3)


New Year’s Day – My First Puppy
I’m obsessed with dogs, and I have wanted one ever since our sweet Sara went to heaven. Granted, I have never raised a dog on my own (essentially on my own because currently I live alone), yet I was up for the challenge. What I wasn’t ready for was the constant “state of ON,” the multiple potty trips at all hours of the morning and night, whining and crying for the heck of it, stolen socks and chewed-up shoes, poop in random places throughout the apartment (“when did she do this?!”), toys scattered all over the floor, and an extreme fear of the hair dryer. However, Ellie has captured my heart, and she has been what I was yearning for for so long.

She’s wicked smart – She’s already playing fetch, walking on a leash, responding to commands like “sit” and “no, Ellie. My expensive J.Crew shoe is not a chew toy,” she’s almost housebroken, and she will go into her kennel at bedtime on my command of “let’s go night night.” She’s incredible, she really is. And she’s only 14 weeks old. Here’s to more sleepless nights/mornings, finding little “surprises” in the house, and numerous amounts of belly laughs and smiles.

Oh, and Chris started her Instagram, so you should follow her : instagram.com/_elliethepoo_



dinner (3)


Creating Content – My First Blog
Believe it or not, I actually have a lot of content that I want to share with all of you this year. I have a ridiculously long list of things I want to talk about, share, ask, show, and tell – I just need to organize it and present it in a way that keeps you coming back. I’m not planning on becoming a millionaire by blogging, but I do plan on trying to make a difference, whether it be providing you with something you find interesting, or just making you smile. Either/or work for me. 🙂

Mark Twain said, “The two most important days in your life are they day you are born, and the day you find out why.”

I think I’m here to make someone smile each day… and maybe I’m also here to become a billionaire who gives to charities all over the world, while also residing in a ridiculously large house with endless margaritas and a library full of books (think the Beast’s castle library with the sliding ladder in Beauty and the Beast). Hey, a girl can dream, right?

Until next time…

Stay sweet and punny!



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