Favorite Things Friday – Volume 1, Issue 6

Howdy, folks!

You guys surviving or thriving this week? PHEW, it’s been one hell of a rollercoaster, that’s for sure…

SO, I interrupt your stressful anticipation of this election outcome with some of my favorite things and/or things that I find so cool, that I want YOU to know all about them.

This week features several beauty items that might not be your forte, buuut there are some other things that you can enjoy, no matter your gender, age, or your favorite Christmas song.

This Week’s Favorites:

  1. It’s (almost) scarf season – Use these hair ties to avoid getting your hair all tanged up.
  2. This makes your skin glow, looking like you just got home from a tropical vacay.
  3. My new favorite eye-brightening stick (Best part: it’s natural and NOT tested on animals.)
  4. The best Tortillas. ’nuff said.
  5. Adorable, personalized Christmas gifts you can’t pass up.
  6. BONUS: Frankie said RELAX. Seriously, you need to relax.

Note: All of the following recommendations and opinions are of my own, and this is not sponsored post.

Hair Ties –Gimme Beauty (+$10 off code!)

Influencer marketing got me again. One of my favorite influencers, LivingMyBestStyle, who is notorious for being totally honest and transparent about how she feels about certain products and companies, recently shared that she loves the Gimme Beauty hair ties because they have a tight hold, yet don’t crease your hair and are comfortable both in your hair and on your wrist.

They are definitely very soft, and they hold a ponytail very well, but my hair was still creased at the end of the day. I think that’s just inevitable for me because my hair is so soft (humble brag… maybe? haha.) Either way, I love the neutral color options, and for great hair ties, they’re a great price.

I’ll also note that they also offer scrunchies, and hair ties tailored to different hair types – Fine, long, curly, universal, and more! I also love the variety of colors for either matching your hair color, or picking a bright color so you can stand-out!

Click here for $10 off your first purchase! Yup, you’re welcome.

Natural Glow – Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer

Photo from Tonya Michelle’s review of the product


Okay, I’ll stop yelling, but seriously. I use this product year-round, no matter the season. I always feel better when my skin has a little glow, and let’s be real, y’all… I ain’t about to get that glow from a tanning bed (duh, not safe), nor from a pool deck or sandy beach (not always readily available to me), SO, I turn to Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer. I have always loathed self-tanners because not only did they always smell like old plastic, but you had to be extremely careful putting it on because too much you’d look like an oompa loompah, and if it wasn’t applied evenly, you’d look like a zebra.

Never fear the in-shower moisturizer! You apply it to your skin while you’re still in the shower, prior to toweling off. The scent is actually very pleasant, the lotion is white and dries clear, and the “color” doesn’t come off when you dry off with a towel (it’s best to pat dry rather than rub.) I’m ALL about convenience, and it doesn’t get better or easier than this.

I wanted to add a little color to my legs for my Halloween costume, and I began using it on the Tuesday before Halloween (which was on a Saturday), and by Thursday, I had the prettiest glow that truly looked very natural. Even Chris made a comment about my legs looking pretty. (I used the Medium to Tan color, but for a normal, everyday glow, I use Fair to Medium.)


And if you’re not looking for a glow or a tan, I LOVE the Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer, too. It also smells amazing, and gives my skin the oomph it needs.

And right now (through November 7th), Target is offering a $5 giftcard with the purchase of 3 skincare items. Again, you’re welcome!

De-Puff and Brighten – Peach & Lily Cold Brew Recovery Stick

One swipe of the Cold Brew Eye Recovery Stick instantly delivers a cooling feeling and helps de-puff the appearance of the eye area. Vitamin C, kiwi and cucumber extracts, caffeine, green tea, turmeric, and licorice come together to give your eye a boost of “awake.” It has a natural shimmer, and I love to swipe it on when I first wake up, and will wear it under makeup. Brilliant.

(This is the second Peach & Lily product I’ve purchased, and I’m now an obsessed fan. Check out my review of the Resurfacing Mask here.)

Low Carb Tortillas – Mission Carb Balance Tortillas

Honestly, during a blind taste test, Chris couldn’t tell the difference between a regular flour tortilla and a low-carb flour tortilla. One typical Mission tortilla garners about 35g of net carbs, where a low-carb Mission tortilla only has 4g. And to not be able to tell the difference, this is a no-brainer.

Just go and buy them. And buy them in bulk because you’ll want a BUNCH.

Christmas Gifts – Personalized for Anyone

I stumbled upon this link when gathering ideas for my very first Holiday Gift Guide (COMING SOON… how influencer-like of me… ha) and gifting personalized gifts is always fun because these gifts are specifically tailored to the person, and are typically hand-crafted or created by an artist (support local artists, y’all!) I especially love the pet ornaments, the custom house illustration, and the name bar necklace. (wink, wink)

(Some of these items might be sold out on article’s link, but I know there’s a bunch of other artists out there that can do the same thing. Etsy and Pinterest are great resources to search for custom gifts like this!)

RELAX – How to Relax, According to Therapists

This year. What a year. More than ever, I’ve needed to take a step back and just relax.

Even when I think I’m relaxing, my brain is still running a mile a minute, and I’m never JUST still. Truly still. So, I found this article so enlightening and so very helpful. It’s called 11 Tips for Anyone Who Doesn’t Know How to Relax… it spoke to my soul!

Enjoy. And namaste.

My plan is to actually make a video (for real this time), essentially putting this blog post into a visual “presentation.” Videos are where it’s at, so… we’ll see how this goes.

As always, thank you for the continued support! Stay sweet and silly, my friends.

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