Favorite Things friday – VOlume 1, Issue 2

It looks like I’ve held my promise of keeping this segment going… so here goes nothing!

This Week’s Tidbits:

  1. The vacuum you’ve desperately needed in your life
  2. If you have Amazon Prime, Amazon Music is free!
  3. Another favorite local hangout of ours to enjoy with friends and family
  4. The fast-acting antacid I swear by (I know… adult probs)
  5. Sign-up for Green Chef and get $55 off your first box!!

Note: All of the following recommendations and opinions are of my own, and this is not sponsored post.

Shark Vacuum

Stop what you’re doing and purchase this vacuum.

Let me ask you this: How long has it been since you’ve vacuumed? I get it – We’re all busy, and usually the last thing we want to think about it cleaning our home. And I’ll be honest; it took forever for me to want to vacuum our apartment because our vacuum was a pain in the you-know-what to use and empty out, and it didn’t truly work as well as one should. But we purchased something that changed our lives. Am I exaggerating? Yes, BUT this is a DAMN good piece of machinery at a great price point.

The first time we used it, we were blown away (pun intended?) by how easy it was to push on both carpet and hardwood floor. It’s a sleek design, and easier than most vacuums to steer and navigate around furniture and corners. The attachments are top-notch, and are great for all of those awkward and hard-to-clean spaces.

BEST PART: There is not ONE strand of hair knotted around the rotors (I know… gag…. but I’m being serious…) It has this ingenious design that allows for hair and dust to move right over the rotation and into the collection cylinder. I honestly didn’t believe it until I saw it for myself. MIND BLOWN. And so much more time cleaning and not being frustrated.

We purchased ours from the Home Shopping Network website, and it’s the cheapest price we’ve seen!

Amazon Music

Although I prefer Spotify as my main source of music, Amazon Music is included with every Prime membership, so why not take advantage of it?! Some artists are exclusively on this streaming service, too which is a plus for Amazon. For instance, we wanted to listen to Garth Brooks’s Greatest Hits on our roadtrip to Colorado, only to remember that he wasn’t on Spotify nor Pandora. Chris remembered that we had Amazon Music on our Prime account, and we were able to pull up Garth’s entire collection! You can even listen to live, streaming music from artists all over the world. There is also an Unlimited version, but the free version has PLENTY of music to keep you entertained.

The playlists and genres are plentiful, and it’s fun to explore music tailored to your preferences, as well as music you might not have discovered that you like!

Messina Hof Winery – Grapevine

If you’re good friends with Chris and me, you already know where we love to hangout for some good wine. Messina Hof Grapevine Winery is located on the north end of Main St. in Grapevine, Texas and is in a building which is a replica of the Wallis Hotel, build in 1891 but torn down in the 1930s.

This location is Messina Hof’s first urban winery and also features multiple tasting areas with 40 different wines, tastings & premium flights, wine on tap by the glass or growler, gourmet food items, and multiple event spaces.

We’re proud members on the Messina Hof Wine Club, which is free to sign-up, and you only pay for three bottles of hand-picked wine selections each quarter, which we pay for at a discounted rate. Sundays are currently for Wine Club members only (thanks Covid), but we receive a discount on wine and food and every time we visit. We love to hang out with friends here on the weekend, and play cards or board games while snacking on cheese boards and enjoying our favorite wine – Chris’s favorite is GSM and mine is Sagrantino!

There’s a LOT of good wine along Main St., but Messina Hof is by far our favorite. Next time, I’ll talk about our favorite restaurants on Main St.!

Tums Chewy Delights

I know what you’re thinking… “Wow, Chelsey… what a lame product to feature…”

That’s fine. Think what you must. But I will tell you this: As a sufferer from random heartburn and indigestion with no clear culprit, I’ve officially found the Holy Grail of antacids. AND they’re tasty, just like a piece of candy.

I bought these at Walgreen’s – They usually have them on-sale, too! I don’t have much else to say about them other than they’re a game-changer with instant relief for me!

Green Chef

If you’ve previously read my blog, I’ve raved about Green Chef. Well, Green Chef is a subset of Hello Fresh, and can be specifically tailored to your dietary needs, i.e keto, vegan, gluten-free, etc. I have a plan where I randomly select the weeks I want it delivered, and can skip or change any delivery at any time, and our plan is for 2 servings of 3 different meals.

The meal cards are easy to follow, and it’s a great way for Chris and I to spend some quality time in the kitchen together, making a new recipe with ingredients that we might never have thought about trying or preparing! It’s also nice to know that every once in a while, the meal plan is already in-place and I don’t have to run to the grocery store after a long day at the office. There’s hardly any food waste, and the recipes are ALL delicious.

Don’t just take my word for it, and try it out for yourself. The code below will save you $55!!! (It’s normally around $80 for a box with 3 meals for 2 people.) Enjoy!


There are a crazy amount of restaurants, travel spots, cool apps, and random items I’ve purchased to make my life easier, and I truly look forward to sharing everything with you!

Coming up over the next few weeks:
– Details and photos from our wedding anniversary trip to Colorado
– Reviews on books I’ve read thus far for my #ABookAMonth challenge (I still need to finish and share the book I should have read in August…)
– Details about my 30 Days of Outfits… Lots of commitment for this one, so I gotta keep it up!
– My favorite brunch spot, and where to find the BEST pancakes
– Blue light glasses, and do they really work?
– The best margarita Happy Hour and my new favorite tequila
– And SO much more!

My next Favorite Things Friday is coming September 25th!

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