30 Days of Outfits

I love the beginning of another month (with the exception of knowing that rent is due on the 1st) because it’s a new start, and the first day of something exciting to come. On September 1st, I thought “hey, this month has 30 days… I should take a photo of my outfit each day this month.” Then, 30 Days of Outfits was underway.

Even though I had to spend a little more time in the morning, or the night before, getting my outfit and accessories together, I was surprised to see how much thought I was putting into each outfit every day, more than I’ve been doing lately, especially after coming out of quarantine where the official uniform was running shorts and tank tops. I also didn’t go out and purchase a bunch of new clothes for this self-challenge – I wore what I already had, and styled them in a way that made me excited to wear them.

Being a part of LIKEtoKNOW it was also instrumental in not only being able to display my outfits, but tag the items that are still available for purchase in-store or online. The majority of everything I have was purchased either on-sale, at an outlet, or with a discount code or coupon of some sort; I’m frugal. And that’s how I think I’ve been able to to grow my closet so much over the years without going broke!

When I started my blog, I just wanted to write. I’ve always loved writing, and it has always been cathartic to me. Although I began blogging for myself (mostly so I can look back one day and remember a certain time or place), I wanted to also entertain, help someone learn something new, or just make someone laugh. This is one of the main reasons I’m still trying to find my “niche:

  • I’m not ONLY interested in fashion, though I love to share outfits and where I purchased certain pieces or accessories
  • I’m obsessed with all things photography, but I don’t yet have all of the equipment I’m dreaming of, and I’m still deep-diving into learning photography
  • Chris and I also love to travel, but we also have full-time jobs, and traveling to exotic locations on a regular basis isn’t in the cards for us with our current schedules. Though, we can visit local places, and I can share our experiences!
  • Food is life, and I love sharing recipes and even information about restaurants that we love and recommend
  • I’m also going to share totally random memes, or things I see or hear around town that I find hilarious.

So, a lifestyle blog it is. It covers the gamut and leaves it open-ended for wherever this blog takes me.

Blogging has most definitely evolved. And it keeps evolving! Influencers and bloggers are everywhere you look now, they’re ALL over Instagram, and some of them only use that platform. However, it’s very advantageous to use multiple platforms to grow “your brand” – Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and blog sites because they ALL have different audiences and algorithms. Sometimes it’s overwhelming to think about (especially when you’re also working full-time), but I’m learning as I go and finding new ways to build an audience. Because if you know ANYTHING about me, I love an audience and I ALWAYS have something to say. 😉

So, all of this to say, here’s all 30 days of outfits – Give me a follow on the LIKEtoKNOWit app so you won’t miss any good deals or info on your favorite brands! And in all their glory here is 30 days worth of outfits, with a couple of days in which I wore two different outfits:

Any questions about any of the pieces or accessories I’m wearing… or anything you’d like to ask, comment below!

Stay tuned for my next Favorite Things Friday segment on October 9th!

Until next time…

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