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Welcome to Pineapples & Puns! This is my first official blog, which I fully intend on beautifying and making it my own as I continue to navigate the design, layout, and content-planning world of blogging! Be sure to subscribe so you won’t miss out on my future posts!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve talked about starting a blog. Like, an official blog in which I had to purchase a domain name… I’m a big kid, now!

I have always loved to write – Stories, song lyrics, entries on my Xanga (throwback!), answers to quizzes on Myspace, and even handwritten notes to my friends, which would get passed through the halls at Birdville High School. During my Disney College Program days when I was living in Orlando, I used Blogspot to document and archive most of the shenanigans that occurred while working for The Mouse. It was fun, but like everything else, we get busy living. And I just stopped writing.

When asked what kind of blog I wanted to start, the term ‘lifestyle blog’ seemed to cover the gamut because I wanted to write all about my keto diet, introduce nifty products and items I’ve used and want to recommend, style tidbits, provide ridiculous puns and dad jokes to make you smile, and to share useful tips on everything from saving money to staying zen in the craziest of times.

My hope is that I can document this new chapter of my life as a newlywed (here’s looking at you, C), as a dog mom, and eventually a mom with a human children, which will only make this crazy life crazier! And more entertaining, I’m sure.

Who knows where this can lead, and what it can turn into, but one thing’s for sure: Even if only one person reads my blog, I got to write, create pretty things, and find joy, and that’s what matters!

I would rather entertain and hope that people learned something, than educate people and hope they were entertained.
— Walt Disney

6 thoughts on “First time here? Click Here!

  1. You are outstanding 🤩 I enjoyed having the pleasure to work with such an amazing soul, getting to know you, lunch dates, fun outings, and much more. Keep on keeping on Chelsey you’re doing such a great job 👏🏼 I love Watching all your crazies


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